Saltwater Fly Fishing–Week October 2016

I’m overwhelmed at this time. The response to this Workshop has been and continues to be phenomenal, so much so that rather than disappoint people I now find myself having to consider a new plan and a re-org.  A big thank you to everyone it has really surprised me. After the first of these events which I ran back in May 2013 in Co.Cork, details of which can be seen here I didn’t believe that another would prove to be as popular.

I am sorry to say the Saltwater Fly fishing week is now full and all places have been filled, whilst you may be disappointed not being able to attend the 3-Day please do not hesitate to contact me for further possible be-spoke solutions during 2016

Please find below summary details about the event including the schedule of workshop details in Wexford 2016 as they are at this time – there is a strong emphasis on a Leave No Trace ethos throughout the workshops – a little more on this over the next few weeks.

Thank you – Jim


Wexford is synonymous with bass fishing. Kilmore quay on the southern coast of the county holds a special place in my heart for it was here at the end of the forlorn point that I caught my first bass whilst fishing with my grandfather.

DSC_0120Now nearly forty five years later I’m happy to work again with some of the best saltwater fly tiers and fly casting instructors currently working in this country, indeed the world. Such was the demand for the initial workshop that what I have now decided, and what I am delighted to do, is to hold two 3-Day workshops back to back over the period of a week – either during the first or third week of October 2016 – tba

Because the entire week consists of good bass fishing tides there are lots of options in respect of either extending or starting your stay…who knows, with 22 attendees captured over a period of seven days to work with three Tutors, concentrating on saltwater fly fishing techniques – the opportunities abound really. 

Bass angling on a measured scale in coastal communities is both economically sustainable and significantly socio contributory.

Who are our instructors?

Saltwater Casting disciplines SH and DH

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, intermediate or an advanced angler with a fly rod. The most important thing to Gary Bell is that you the customer, gains from the experience and has FUN all at the same time. Whatever you choose to do, be it a casting lesson with either a Double-Handed or Single-Handed rod, Gary will be able to offer you the very best Professional service available. You can find more details here at

Fly Fishing Experience

Gary was born in Lisburn County Antrim in 1968 and started Fly fishing at the age of 7 and tying flies at the age of 10. He has been a full time Professional Game Angling Instructor since he obtained his entry level qualifications and 3 months later his APGAI qualifications in 1998. Gary is well known throughout Great Britain and Ireland for his Instruction, Demonstrations, Guiding and also his Flies, which he ties to order.

Fly Casting and Fly Dressing Qualifications

Gary is well qualified in Game Angling as he is a member of the Game Anglers Instructors Association (GAIA) and holds the Game Anglers Instructors Certificate (GAIC), Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI), Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor – Ireland (APGAI-Ireland) and Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors (AAPGAI) qualifications in all of the 3 disciplines, which are Salmon (Double-Handed), Trout (Single-Handed) and Fly Dressing with all of the above organisations.

Angling Show Demonstrations

Gary has Demonstrated Fly Casting and Fly Dressing for many years at various Angling shows and Game Fairs, both in Great Britain and Ireland, some of which include; CLA, Chatsworth Angling Fair, All Ireland Game Fair, Angling Ireland show, Loughs Agency Fair, Irish International Fly Fair, Irish Fly Fair and many, many others.

Saltwater Fly tying disciplines

If you have been a visitor to then you will be no stranger to Andy Elliott and his famous flies. It is beyond doubt that his tying of the sloopy droopy fly (J.Manette) and many others had serious consequences for my bass fishing and in particular the pursuit of bigger individual fish. Outspoken strong willed and determined Andy’s personality finds its way into his flies. You can find more details here at and

Andy has been a devoted fly-fisher and a fly tier for many years now, through fishing rivers and lakes all over Ireland and along the eastern coast and shoreline Andy has gained extensive knowledge in this ever developing field of the sport. Co-Presenting and tying  with Andy is  Paula Smyth. Paula is a dynamic and highly skilled fly tier adding her unique take, design and energy to this. See her work demonstrated here

Andy and Paula have demonstrated Fly Tying for many years at various Angling shows and Game Fairs, both in Great Britain and Ireland, some of which include; CLA, Chatsworth Angling Fair, All Ireland Game Fair, Angling Ireland show, Loughs Agency Fair, Irish International Fly Fair, and the Irish Fly Fair. At the 3-day Andy will reveal some of his secrets for tying a range of successful saltwater flies.

Saltwater Guiding and fly fishing

More details of the guiding later this month as I lay out the plans for different species and we meet (Paula, Andy, Gary and Jim) as a group early in the new year –

A catch and release ethos runs through the week and combined with good fishing techniques we will contribute as best we can to the conservation of bass as a species. On our guided trips we will encounter lots of local biodiversity and cultural heritage, and as is normal we will ensure to minimise our operations impacts on local nature and culture.

Our guiding will be  carried out in small groups and will tend to be focused not only on the fishing but on the wider aspects of enjoying the best nature experiences available in the Wexford coastal area, meeting local people, enjoying local food and gaining real insights into the locations where fish can be found.

bass fishing Wexford

Where will it happen?

We will base ourselves in the picturesque village of Kilmore at Quay House in the centre of the village.

Quay House Bed and Breakfast is a family run B&B in the centre of the picturesque fishing village of Kilmore Quay.  The B&B is only a short stroll away from all the local amenities, providing us with the ideal place to stay and work while exploring the saltwater fly fishing options in the South East of Ireland. As a family run business , Quay House pride themselves in maintaining excellent standards at the B+B. All rooms are spacious, comfortable and clean.  Breakfast is freshly cooked, using locally-sourced Irish products wherever possible. There are also excellent angler facilities provided.

Across the way white-washed thatched houses line the main street leading down to the harbour area. Some of these are the original cottages built in the 1800s. Kilmore quay, naturally, offers seafood as a speciality in local eateries. You will find the best quality local seafood on offer at the takeaways, bars and restaurants in the area. There are of course also plenty of excellent alternatives to seafood served in all of the establishments.

One of the first features to strike anyone visiting the village for the first time is the number of thatched cottages lining the village street. Most of these cottages date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and are of significant national importance.Wandering down the village street will bring you to the harbour and fishing fleet. A recent addition to the old harbour is a state-of-the-art 55-berth marina, which has added a new dimension to boating along the south coast of the country. The commercial facilities, combined with the safe berthage and on-shore facilities ensure have made the harbour in Kilmore Quay a busy and popular facility for both leisure and commercial mariners.

How will it happen?

Visit the link below for a review of the Workshop Plan.

3-Day Saltwater Fly Fishing Workshop – October – On the Wexford Coast

Kilmore Quay

The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox Seafood Restaurant established in 1991 has built up and enviable reputation for the quality of their culinary delights and hospitality. Located in the centre of the village, the extensive A La Carte menu specialises on locally caught seafood and also offer a wide range of dishes catering for all tastes and dietary requirements.

Silver Fox - bass fishing



Your host’s of The Silver Fox Seafood Restaurant are Shane Carroll & Gopal Kawander

Kehoes Pub and Parlour

Kehoe’s Pub and Parlour is a family run business situated in the heart of Kilmore Quay. A warm welcome awaits you at Kehoe’s where character and tradition abound in the unique ambience of a Maritime Heritage Centre.
Kehoe’s Pub and Parlour serves local fresh seafood, menu may vary from day to day depending on what fish is available locally,and specials are chalked up on a blackboard. Sample the delights of Kilmore Quay’s finest seafood and take time to peruse our complimentary guide to a fascinating collection of nautical artefacts

Kehoes Pub also presents a unique Maritime heritage Centre in Kilmore Quay. James Kehoe spent nearly 30 years diving on and retrieving artefacts from wrecks in the waters around Wexford. Where possible, the artefacts have been fully restored and all are on display in the pub.

Mary Barrys

Mary Barry’s Bar, with their much loved head chef Nicky Cullen, is renowned for it’s extensive menu and especially their selection of sea food landed locally in Kilmore Quay. In addition to a fantastic á la carte menu Mary Barrys have daily specials and have recently introduced an evening SET MENU which is available Monday to Thursday from 5:30pm – two course plus tea/coffee only €16.95 and three course plus tea/coffee €19.95.

Freshly brewed Bewley’s coffees and teas are available throughout the day and MB’s  new WINE MENU (including wine by the glass) is a real favourite.

So I guess we will be popping in to eat and no doubt chat over a pint or two!

More details during the next few months have a happy Christmas…Jim


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  1. Jim Good to see you are doing a second workshop as I said I would love to attend. Can you let me know the dates in due course. All the best Peter

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