The delicate beauty of the overlooked – a Victorian naturalist's stunning illustrations of coastal creatures and reflections on the kinship of life — Maria Popova (@brainpicker) October 16, 2021

Unregulated trawling for sprat continues unabated, despite commitments to end it by the current government — Irish Wildlife Trust (@Irishwildlife) October 16, 2021


Bassfishing saltwater fly

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The Sun Have you ever seen anything in your life more wonderful than the way the sun, every evening, relaxed and easy, floats toward the horizon and into the clouds or...

The Heritage Council (@HeritageHubIRE) Tweeted: Simply wonderful..🎶🐦 Sit back, relax and enjoy the bird song from Attymon Bog and Carrownagappul Bog in Galway from this mornings dawn chorus event. #nationalbiodiversityweek2021 #biodiversity...