Coastal equipment

What do I need to bring?

Terminal tackle and accessories needed

Travelling to Wexford or indeed Ireland to saltwater fly fish for bass and a ‘what do I need to bring?’ question is bound to be on your mind. Among your list should be the following

  • Waders
  • Boots
  • Jacket
  • Gear Pack
  • Accessories
  • Fly Rods
  • Fly Lines
  • Flies
  • Leaders

Anybody who knows me, knows too of my quest (some say fetish) for the perfect guiding/gear/pack solution. I have a preferred pack for my own personal fishing which is the Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling (smallish) but for times when I’m guiding I need something a bit roomier. Thing is, I don’t like being weighed down or having too much gear either way, even when I’m guiding. The contest always exists around what can I fit into my smaller Patagonia sling pack versus what I need or indeed think  is necessary. I also like the idea of freedom of movement when I’m fishing, I’m never stationery.

This ‘Two Bag’ approach may be one you need to make when on holiday especially if you are travelling without a guide. Staying longer on the water a larger bag may be necessary (food, extra gear etc) whilst shorter excursions can of course be ‘skinnied’ down to something smaller and lighter.

I currently use the Orvis Safe Passage Guide sling pack, which I am very happy with. Sometimes things just feel right and these two packs are definitely some of the best solutions. The colour, weight, orientation and build, there’s a real feel of quality here. You can read the specs yourself at the links above.

Both can easily double as a small lure/fly solution as the internal capacity and the versatility is really cool.

I’m often asked what is it as a bass fishing guide that you pack for a 4 hour guiding session lets say for Saltwater Fly Fishing with two customers on the shore? It surprised me when I loaded the sling pack today with the following

The Gear

  • First aid kit – full kit at car
  • Kershaw knockout knife
  • Ross Saltwater pliers
  • Waterproof mini binoculars
  • Fishpond pitchfork clippers
  • Stainless forceps
  • Braid scissors
  • Loon reel lube
  • Wader repair kit
  • Zap a Gap
  • Small sun block
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Phone in ziplok bag
  • Hook sharpener
  • Tape measure
  • Waterproof torch

And then there’s the fishing terminal tackle as such

  • Braided loop connectors
  • Pre-tied leaders both mono and fluoro
  • Tapered saltwater leaders (one piece)
  • Poly leaders, various
  • Tippet material
  • Two boxes of flies, various types (clousers, deceivers, flatwings, hollow ties)
  • One wallet of flies, various types (bigger flatwings and others)
  • One spare reel with intermediate running line
  • Optional shooting heads (F, I, Sk)
  • Water bottle

Do you need all of these all of the time? I don’t think so, but whilst travelling to Ireland its good to have most of these items at your ready availability just in case.

Rods lines and reels needed

Back up travelling set or good starter pack 

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