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“…agricultural intensification, in particular pesticides and fertiliser use, is the main pressure for most bird population declines…” Relevant new paper by Rigal et al. in @PNASNews — Robert Finger 🌻 (@RobertFinger1) May 16, 2023

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I’ve stood on reefs in many places casting flies to wild fish.No other location type has a greater emotional impact. When I see clear water moving quickly and waves breaking white over rough ground I know what to expect.Safety, foothold, balance, precision of cast, speed of the opportunities presented, line and leader choice, the energy needed here is high, very high.The energy received here is even higher. ‘I’m becoming more introverted with… Read More

"Traditionally the burden of risk has been placed on taxpayers, who can be relied on to provide bailouts for farmers after droughts or storms or whatever other misfortune impacts the price of their produce. This can’t continue." — Irish Wildlife Trust (@Irishwildlife) April 7, 2023

We can become true leaders of change for the protection of nature