We have a vacancy on the second of our workshops as one of the attendees is required to be at sea for research purposes – this workshop is being held on the 6th 7th and 8th of October. All workshops cover the three disciplines of Fly Tying Fly Casting and Fly Fishing over three days with Gary Bell Andy Elliott and myself, more details can be found here . You will be joining… Read More

The time is fast approaching for our Autumn workshops. Some recent questions regarding what ‘I might need’ are answered below. If you happen to have any of these or indeed similar items please bring them to your workshop as I know people are fond of using their own gear. I am also of the mind that if this is completely new to you DO NOT buy any gear at all until after… Read More

There’s no doubt being able to catch them with the fly in places like this goes beyond compare – at times, especially in the beginning, the culmination of so many ‘worked at’ things can be so rare it’s both incredibly rewarding and new each time it happens. And then there’s always the element of surprise too!


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