..sometimes it happens that a marine biologist, wishing to study some related problem, will transfer a whole colony of the worms into the laboratory, there to establish them in an aquarium, where there are no tides. But twice each day Convoluta rises out of the sand on the bottom of the aquarium , into the light of the sun. And twice each day it sinks again into the sand. Without a brain,… Read More

“Poets, like detectives, know the truth is laborious; it doesn’t occur by accident, rather it is chiseled and worked into being, the product of time and distance and graft. The poet must be open to the possibility that she has to go a long way before a word rises, or a sentence holds, or a rhythm opens, and even then nothing is assured, not even the words that have staked their original… Read More

Holding out for the weather now we don’t have long more to wait, fingers crossed! I’m happy that the time has nearly come round at last, it seems like an age since last October when I made the first post regarding the workshops at Kilmore Quay. To say its been a difficult year is an understatement (poor health) and the fast approaching week of workshops puts a line in the sand for me. I… Read More