Airflo Beach lines have a condensed head length and aggressive tip diameter in order to handle longer leaders and heavy flies, they are also designed to cast well both single-hand and two-hand rods. They are recommended to fit ideally on the new ECHO TH Boost Beach Rods – but the ECHO TH will of course take all your suitably weighted current SH lines too – I’ll have more details of both in about ten days time regarding set-up… Read More


Its running towards the end of 2016 and to be honest this week has been a strange watershed for me, I’ve gotten past an invisible hurdle that probably didn’t exist except somewhere in the superstitious mind of a crazy bass fisherman. I was fishing along the south Wexford coast this time last year, the last days of October, and whilst I had some wonderful fish and experiences up to Halloween it was… Read More

The fish of course have led me here, not so much to a location but rather to a method and a technique. Its nothing new mind, the Americans have done it for many years for different species, but if I was to fish in no other way for bass then using the double handed fly rod would be my chosen method. In fact after several seasons using single handed fly rods the… Read More