“Then the golden hourWill tick its lastAnd the flame will go down in the flower. A briefer length of moonWill mark the sea-line and the yellow dune. Then we may think of this, yetThere will be something forgottenAnd something we should forget.” Arna Bontemps

Early autumn days at the coast

When I catch a fish the environment changes for me rocks and wave shapes are remembered wind is felt light is noted

Time spent working hard is often better spent identifying where the bottleneck is located. Working hard on the wrong thing leads to frustration, not progress. James Clear

Life is full of holes and gaps and tracts of personal possibilities

bass fishing Jim Hendrick
bass fishing Ireland Jim Hendrick

Every year I return to the same places where I have always fished for bass. I find these places changed in different ways since I have last fished there, or ever fished there. The same is different and is new again. For a long while there have been a few constants, the wind, the tide, the fish and of course the Danielsson.