There are times when the things you see you sometimes doubt they are actually happening. I’ve seen a lot of things when bass fishing but today’s events were a little new to me. I stood at the edge of a reef with white water breaking in front of me, waves running maybe to a metre high, a little off from crystal clear. The wind was gusting five to six and at times… Read More

bass fishing Ireland Jim Hendrick

Every year I return to the same places where I have always fished for bass. I find these places changed in different ways since I have last fished there, or ever fished there. The same is different and is new again. For a long while there have been a few constants, the wind, the tide, the fish and of course the Danielsson.

Jim Hendrick Thirtyards
sea trout fishing Jim Hendrick

Angling for Sea Trout on the Irish coast… Legislation regarding sea trout in Ireland In the sea the season extends from January 1st to October 12th. If fishing in a specific river estuary, then the close season for that particular river will apply. A number of fishery estuaries are closed or fished on a catch & release basis for sea trout of 40cm or over. Anglers fishing for sea trout must make… Read More

Fly fishing for sea trout