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Clean Coasts

As both anglers and regular users of the coast we have all seen the evidence of marine litter along Ireland’s shoreline. Now here’s an opportunity for you your group or indeed angling club to do something about it! Take a little time every time you go to the beach and do your own 2 minute beach clean. Take a snap of the litter you collect and post your snap on instagram/twitter/facebook with the hashtags #cleancoasts #2minutebeachclean.

The #2minutebeachclean idea is simple and inspiring from Martin Dorey. Since sharing his idea many more people have been getting involved and CLEAN COASTS are delighted to be part of this fantastic initiative. It is about all of us giving something back each and every time we enjoy a walk along the beach or a take a dip in the ocean or cast to a big silver fish.  There are over 400 hundred clean coasts groups operating in Ireland. Every piece of litter removed from the marine environment is a piece of litter that won’t pollute our oceans or be ingested by marine life!

What is Clean Coasts ?

Clean Coasts engages communities in the protection of Ireland’s beaches, seas and marine life. The programme is operated by the Environmental Education Unit of An Taisce and is currently funded by the Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government, Fáilte Ireland and Coca-Cola. Clean Coasts is made up of two elements; Clean Coasts Volunteering and the Green Coast Award. You can visit the site here

Who are 2 minute beach clean ?

The 2 minute beach clean is an idea that belongs to everyone.

However it’s source is a small, unfunded organisation from Cornwall called the Beach Clean Network, a not for profit company that was set up in 2009 by Martin Dorey, a writer, surfer and one time TV presenter.

“As a beach lover I have been picking up beach litter for a long time. I do it after I surf, when I walk the dog and whenever I can attend organised cleans. But I was getting disheartened that what little I was doing on my own was making so little impact in the face of the problem. I figured that if all of us did just a bit we could make a bigger difference between us. I decided I should appeal to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram friends to help me. I started tweeting my finds. A few people started posting their pictures too. After that it was kind of obvious that the more we do, the more we’ll all get done. So I’ve kept going, and will do until everyone everywhere – surfers, sailors, divers, fishermen, dog walkers and runners – starts doing their 2 minutes too. Because that’s when we’ll start to see a real difference.“

Martin Dorey

Everything that goes into the campaign is done on a voluntary basis, with the exception of a small grant from Sea Changers to help us build this website. We run on nothing but a love for the beach and a deep desire to clear our beaches of marine litter.

Would you like to help us? Get in touch.





#2minutebeachclean competition – How to?

1. Follow Clean Coasts – @cleancoasts on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

2. Do a 2 minute beach clean

3. Take a snap of the marine litter you collect

4. Post your snap on Instagram/Twitter using the hashtags  #cleancoasts #2minutebeachclean or post your picture to our Clean Coast Facebook page including the hashtags in the post – don’t forget to tell us where you took your snapped your shot! Ensure yourlocation/photo map is turned on when using Twitter/Instagram.

5. Dispose of the waste you collected properly, recycle it/bin it!

6. Be in with a chance to win a Clean Coasts t-shirt!

7. Be safe when you do your #2minutebeachclean, check out our safety information here.

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