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Bass fishing in Ireland

The trouble is when I start to approach the writing several flood gates open at the same time I get overwhelmed and jump from topic to topic. Ultimately I end up being unhappy with anything I’ve done, and those of you who know me will have a closer understanding of this! Because of the importance of the subject matter, an added slightly CO personality, volumes of information plus the personal demands of self inflicted high standards and attention to detail – I’m challenged!

I’ve gotten past the Title, just

A fly fishers guide to Bass fishing in Ireland

This allows me to continue the series, if I felt the urge, to also attempt to complete

A lure fishers guide to Bass fishing in Ireland

I also have the chapters constructed –

The option that immediately comes to mind is to combine both into the one book and maybe that’s the way to go. Circumstances regarding certain chapter headings are applicable to both methods after all and don’t need repeating for particular preferences. But there are subtleties with each method that are very important that need to come across through both disciplines. I don’t want to loose this through generalisations.

Lure fishing for bass is simply not like fly fishing for bass and indeed vice versa. Lure fishing is far easier much more effective and considerably less challenging than fly fishing. That doesn’t ‘lessen’ the method of lure fishing but nor should comparisons to fly fishing attempt to enhance its credo in respect of challenge. Lure fishing has its own culture fun and amazing rewards, so too does fly fishing, but they are and remain considerably different. We choose our methods as personal preferences, we are satisfied by what each method presents to us, my preference for fly fishing doesn’t elevate me to a superior angling position, I do it because I feel I have more to learn here about the method and the fish than any other method can present to me at this time. Fly fishing has taught me far more about catching bass than lure fishing ever could, but I learned this through long years of lure fishing!

So my mind is almost fixed on option one as the project I want to complete, ambitious as it is, this is whats forming on the many pages of various constructs I play with.The bones are there in the chapter headings, these are my guiding lights.

Complete each one step by step get a first draft, get done, give it to people to ‘edit’….finalise, easier said than done!

2 Comments on “Getting done

  1. Hello Jim,I’m a lure angler myself,but your knowledge and pics are fantastic.i always look forward to your posts.experience is everything and I take a well seasoned anglers tips on board.we are always learning.dont felt unhappy about what your doing.if you ever write a book on bass fishing I’ll be in line to buy it.good luck with Your project.tight lines.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the kind note, the ‘project’ is slowly coming together and there is no doubt as you say we are always learning guy, always

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