Bass fishing on the Fly

The real secret that lies within saltwater fly-fishing is that it provides you with many valid excuses to find yourself challenged by your angling method in beautiful places out on the coast.

Whilst out there, on the coast, you can use those challenges to create angling experiences and perhaps from time to time build unforgettable 1-DSC_3819memories that will last you a lifetime. Over time you will also find yourself ultimately satisfied through learning to make great casts, nice loops and better presentations to catch fish. And there is so much more, mending, drifting, leader, line type, fly choice, weather, wind…..and of course realising the unique fish behavior in relation to the fly.

If you are a person who finds personal satisfaction through the challenge of the ‘method’ of angling activities rather than simply the ‘catching‘ of fish then saltwater fly fishing is for you. These angling challenges will never stop and they will always change. My goal is to help you to understand and to successfully meet these challenges. Because there is so much to consider in approaching bass on the fly, workshops can often take two complete days, we have absolute flexibility in your learning requirements and the workshops are fully bespoke.

Behind each workshop the Leave No Trace Principles are always integrated into your experience.

Please visit my Workshop page for more details – a schedule for workshops to follow shortly.

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