The bass angler–Part III

The nuances of late September light the stark hardness of a cool April north westerly blowing grey curtains of showers across lilac skies whilst spring geese V their way home, the sight of the first swallow when fishing for sea Bass fishing wexfordtrout, the silence after the last tern has gone, the smell of summer rain on dry rocks and sea pinks refreshed like some bejewelled Italian ice-cream nodding their heads in a summer breeze.

The skylark high in the sky or a curlews startled cry as you walk back a late October estuary when already the sky is darkening.

All these things bred into your skin into your person over years, into your heart,into what you are – north winds, south winds, east winds, sunshine, frost, blue skies, rain, salt and sand. The shape, the colour and the sounds of the sea the waves that break on the shore into white bass water where you know it will happen, you can smell it.

This is where you have spent and invested time and work  – this is your home.

Irish Angler – August Edition 2013

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