A little update today –realising the Wexford potential

Hi, Jim.

1-DSC_5222Big excuses that I drop some lines so late after our really enjoying sea bass-trip. Had a really “demanding” autumn concerning current online-projects. But now things calm down a bit and now I find some time to update you:
Again many, many thanks for your brilliant guiding and efforts that made this trip for Holger Hoener as well as me a very special one.

And – deeply honest! – I must think back lots of years to remember a similar impressing fishing-experience. It’s all about the fishing itself, the surrounding, being in Ireland, sea bass and very best companions. Exactly
the mix I like 😉

1-DSC_5124In the following issue of magazine Rute & Rolle (issue No. 1/13, on sale Dec, 20th) there will be a 6-pages story about our trip. Also the cover-pic will be one shot of our seabass-trip!

Parallel to the article the web.tv-stuff on bissclips.tv will be online! The story will be
mainly about the spinfishing we did. Later on next year there will be an article focused on flyfishing in the magazine Fisch & Fliege.
Last week a guy from www.scale-magazine.com phoned me (had met him on
the water some months ago and stayed in contact) and asked if they also
could have that seabass-story. Guess I will create a new article with
different views for that mag. And I also plan to offer that story to a 1-DSC_5224
Danish, a Dutch and a Czech fishing-magazine … I will tell you, when I
know more.

I also planned to come back next September for some private fishing (found some guys who would give their left leg to join me!), but there
are some other dates and trips not fixed yet.

As soon as I know, if and when I am able to return to the Wexford-area,
I will tell you, Jim!

1-DSC_5241So much for my little update, Jim.
I will send you two copies of Rute & Rolle as soon as I hold them in my
hands …
All the best and take care,

PS: the first snow just fell in Hamburg today – will have to watch out
for some mulled wine later on …:-)

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