Kilmore quay

Holding out for the weather now we don’t have long more to wait, fingers crossed! I’m happy that the time has nearly come round at last, it seems like an age since last October when I made the first post regarding the workshops at Kilmore Quay. To say its been a difficult year is an understatement (poor health) and the fast approaching week of workshops puts a line in the sand for me. I can hardly wait to be back on the coast for a few days.Bass fishing Kilmore Quay

Contemplating the distant horizon in the midst of good company and a sea breeze is hard to beat, but not only do we get this opportunity, we also have the added value of Gary Bell and his brilliant casting tuition coupled to Andy Elliots saltwater fly tying skills – we will be taking a blended approach to your fishing tying and casting throughout the workshops.

Pat at Quay House is ready for us, Mary Barrys, The Silver fox, and Kehoes Pub will no doubt feature in the evenings. After high tide has gone and darkness approaches and you’ve tried your best during the day – a shower a pint and something good to eat among fishing friends and chat is uniquely relaxing and rewarding.

Maybe just one more and then home quickly, Autumn evenings a little cooler, you hear and smell the sea on the way and as you fall soundly asleep to the high calls of arriving winter redwings you think to yourself – there’s always tomorrow……..

See you all soon  (October 2-8 2016)


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