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3-Day SWFF Workshops

Jim Hendrick Ireland


Wexford is synonymous with bass fishing. Kilmore quay on the southern coast of the county holds a special place in my heart for it was here at the end of the forlorn point that I caught my first bass whilst fishing with my grandfather.

Now nearly forty five years later I’m happy to work again with some of the best saltwater fly tiers and fly casting instructors currently working in this country, indeed the world. Such was the demand for the initial workshop held back in 2014 that what I have now decided, and what I am delighted to do, is to hold two 3-Day workshops back to back over the period of a week – during the first week of October. 02-09 of 2016

Because the entire week consists of good bass fishing tides there are lots of options in respect of either extending or starting your stay…who knows, with 22 attendees captured over a period of seven days to work with three Tutors, concentrating on saltwater fly fishing techniques – the opportunities, locations and fun abounds really. 

Please find in this link the confirmed schedule of workshop details in Wexford 2016  – there is a strong emphasis on a Leave No Trace ethos throughout the workshops.

NOTES : for attendees – 

  • Link for Workshop schedule of details HERE
  • Link for more details of tutors and location HERE
  • Link for more details of workshop content HERE