Recycled commercial fishing net material used in angling solution!

Any body that  knows me well also realises quite quickly I have a sad obsession with fishing bag solutions. The latest one to catch my eye is Fishponds Encampment Lumbar Pack. Apparently more flexible than a veteran yoga instructor this bag is one of the latest entrants into the Most Versatile Pack contest. Bass fishing with Jim HendrickThank god for such a thing!

Sized for a couple of fly boxes and all your accessories, yet with enough support for heavier loads, what caught my eye too is that it’s constructed of recycled commercial fishing net material (Cyclepond). Fishpond are helping remove old nets from the ocean and beaches by creating a value for them and their high-tech recycling process uses 27% fewer natural resources and reduces greenhouse emissions by 28% compared to using virgin nylon. 

The ELP is fitted with water-resistant zippers, cord loops for securing yet more gizmos, and nifty zippered pockets along the lumbar straps for quick access to the important stuff.

Im gonna have to stop this!

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