Catching the fish, fundamentals.

“Fish don’t care who you are or what you’ve done.bass fishing with Jim Hendrick In order to gain the most from our personal fishing experience we would be well advised to take our lessons from the fish and not from touters of popular and trendy secret information. Granted, a small part of this information is valid, but much of it is a marketing smoke screen. The business of fishing is big business and it is not about catching fish but rather catching the attention of the fisherman for reasons of their own. Experienced fishermen are the ones who know about catching fish, ask them how to do it.

We tend to make fishing more complicated than it is. Year after year the same fishermen catch 90-percent of the fish. They do it by using their intelligence and by being alert to what is happening at the moment. They have learned the fundamentals and they make sure they put them into practice. They know how baitfish and gamefish interrelate; they are aware of the normal patterns of fish migration; they understand the physical and mechanical limitation of their tackle and learn from their experiences not from their routines”

Ken Abrames – StriperMoon Fundamentals

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