“Using traditional presentation techniques to catch fish that are holding in current to feed adds so much to saltwater fly fishing that it should be explored for the pure joy of discovery. Engaging the difficulties of proper presentation is perhaps the most wonderful part of fishing with a fly rod.

The simplicity of casting a long line and stripping back a fly is a way of fishing with the fly rod but it bypasses the full scope that understanding and using traditional presentation techniques encompasses.

A true “new and exciting frontier” for saltwater fly fishing would be to embrace and explore the central and fundamental role that reading current understanding drag and skilful presentation have always played in fly fishing. To understand these energies and use them artfully is the essential core of what it has always meant to be a knowledgeable and gifted fly fisherman”

Ken Abrames –

One Comment on “Energies

  1. I live on the Isle of Man and although freshwater fly fished for over 30 years recognise my novice status re SWFF. Please could you advise what line to start with for rock and beach for pollock, mackerel. Most of the info is USA based. I was thinking about a safe motive #8 as a rod. I appreciate and enjoy your reflective insights re the experience of fishing, I am due to retire soon and enjoy the perception of SWFF as a new skill base linked to experiencing the Islands moods. Regards John

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