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Angling for Sea Trout on the Irish coast…

Legislation regarding sea trout in Ireland

In the sea the season extends from January 1st to October 12th. If fishing in a specific river estuary,
then the close season for that particular river will apply. A number of fishery estuaries are closed or
fished on a catch & release basis for sea trout of 40cm or over. Anglers fishing for sea trout must
make themselves fully aware of the regulations.

• A State Salmon Rod License is required to fish for sea trout
• You must carry your license, logbook and tags with you at all times
• All sea trout retained, that is fish 40cm or over, must be tagged and the logbook filled out accordingly
• It is prohibited to sell rod caught sea trout over 40cm.

On rivers that are closed or not classified as salmon rivers angling for salmon (any size) and sea trout (over 40cm) is prohibited. For comprehensive information on fisheries in RoI click on this link:

Source The Celtic Seatrout Project

The life history features and the sea trout’s widespread occurrence, makes it a unique and potentially sensitive indicator of environmental change. However, there are major unanswered questions in our understanding of sea trout, namely:

  • where do they go at sea and how are their stocks structured and interlinked?
  • what is their marine ecology (feeding, growth, survival and life history variation)?
  • what environmental and other pressures are they exposed to at sea?
  • how do their life histories (and thus fishery quality) respond to environmental variation,  including climate change?

Sea trout fisheries in parts of Western Britain, including the Irish Sea, are suffering decline; but the pattern is mixed and in most cases the causes of change and thus the solutions are poorly understood. So we need answers to the question outlined above

The CSTP has provided this missing knowledge in the hope of translating it into fishery and conservation benefits for countries bordering the Irish Sea. Download the project paper below

Celtic Sea Trout Project Download – pdf

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