August ’05

Jim hendrick

Wexford bass fishing Saltwaterfly

Blue white deceiver – St Helens Wexford. During a run of fish both day and night (Fish ran all day with moving water) the blue and white deceiver was simply unbelievable for many weeks through to September. I learned so much over a three week period, in hindsight its difficult to remember a run of fly caught fish like it since. Yes there have been days, and odd weeks no doubt but that period in time sits fondly in my mind.

It feels very familiar at the moment….

Rio Aqualux striper line

Hand built leaders Rio fluorflex + Rio Hard Alloy

Vision 3Zone SWS #8 and 3Zone composite reel, Vision Ikon waders.

An open coast to fish.

To see


Perfect for regular guys


If you’re looking for accessible versatile and quality saltwater flyfishing equipment then look no further, ECHOFLYFISHING continue to successfully provide them all. Speaking for myself, I’m continuously happy with the rods I own both in the EPR the 3S and indeed the TI range. I seldom comment about gear but I’ve said this before see HERE from 2012 – these rods are ideal for the Irish angler looking to dip his toes into the world of Saltwater flyfishing on our coasts. Yes there are better but the margins are fine and sometimes satisfaction comes from different values.

Somethings continue to get better – all rods and much more are available within Europe – contact Stuart at



“Pat de Groot, a painter who embodied an era when the beaches and dunes at the tip of Cape Cod were peopled with artistic geniuses and incorrigible eccentrics — often in the form of the same person — died on July 26 in Brewster, Mass. She was 88”

“I want to grab a piece of all this, of this sacred place, and say something with paint about the sky and the sea and the horizon and how it affects me,” Ms. de Groot said on the occasion of a 2015 show at the Acme Fine Art gallery in Boston.

You can find her incredible NYTimes obituary HERE


In the empty immensity of earth, sky, and water, there she was, incomprehensible, firing into a continent.

Joseph Conrad – Heart of Darkness