Fly line 2022?🐟🌊

The Cortland Striped Bass Blitz is a modern streamer line for targeting all kinds of coastal predators – for instance sea trout or sea bass. It has an innovative design that allows extremely efficient casting, even when facing strong wind. Therefore, it will maximise the time that your fly spends in the water, which makes your fishing way more effective.

Its truly outstanding casting performance is based on a very compact head design with a length of 7,92 m. This enables efficient casting with a minimum number of false casts, which is a huge advantage for fishing at the coast. In addition, the compact head provides a strong turnover, which allows you to cast large and weighted flies with ease. Further, it has a running line with great shooting properties for minimum friction while casting. This enables very high line speeds and impressive casting distances. Therefore, it will easily shoot large baitfish patterns in a very efficient way. It is built on the extremely durable, braided X-Strong Core for a direct contact to your fly and successful long-distance hook sets – even at maximum casting distance. Combined with the special Cold Salt Coating, this core also provides exceptional handling during the coldest months. Last but not least, it has a so-called handling zone with a length of 3,96 m. This is a slightly thicker section between running line and head for improved line control while casting and while fishing.

Summarised, this versatile intermediate version is a true allrounder that can be used in many different situations – for instance when fishing rather shallow spots, interesting edges or slightly deeper areas.

In short: The extremely versatile Cortland Striped Bass Blitz Fly Line is a great choice for targeting coastal predators. It will easily deliver all kinds of flies due to is very powerful casting properties.


  • Modern streamer line for targeting sea trout, sea bass, pike and other predators
  • Very compact head with a relatively short front taper, powerful casting properties and a strong turnover – ideal for cutting through strong wind!🐟
  • Shoots bulky and weighted flies with ease
  • Running line with great shooting properties for high line speeds and impressive casting distances
  • Handling zone (β€œstep”) with a length of 3,96 m – a slightly thicker section between running line and head for improved line control while casting and while fishing🐟🐟🌊
  • Special Cold Salt Coating that stays supple and memory free in the coldest of conditions for easy handling
  • Shooting Technology for an extremely smooth surface and great durability
  • Extremely reliable, braided X-Strong Core for a perfect power transmission while casting, effective hook sets and a direct contact to the fly🐟🐟🌊
  • Multi-colour design for a great orientation while casting and while fishing
  • Welded loops with a slim profile on both ends
  • Sink rate: intermediate head (approx. 3,8 – 5,1 cm per second) with a floating running line
  • Length: 30,5 m
  • Colour: ice blue / sky blue
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