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I’ve posted this on Facebook. And I’m aware many of you aren’t anglers. So forgive me please. You might be able to take some solace in that all I say might reassure you of the beauty and the amenities we are blessed with around Clonmel.
WE ARE BLESSED with the wonderful and amazing river Suir.
I have just been fishing downstream from Cahir. From 11 till 1.30. Bright sunshine and about 22degrees. I saw barely half dozen rises to natural fly the whole time.
But if my dry fly was carefully presented to appropriate fishing holding spots it was eaten with enthusiasm.
I didn’t count the trout I caught but would guess 25 or 30. No tiny fish , most around half pound, just 2 over a pound.
I love fish to eat but don’t kill fish I catch (why would I or anyone else come to that want to end the life of such beautiful creatures that provide us with so much angling joy). But when my Mother was alive I kept her 3 or 4 a year to eat because she loved them so much (she loved me too somehow).
Now My elderly neighbours love them so much that to carry on a gentle theme and somehow partly in memory of her I keep a fish or two every now and again for them. I kept 2 this morning each about 3/4 lb. they will LOVE them.
Back to the fishing. I have used nothing but dry fly since season opening in March. I don’t think I’ve had a single blank session.
Our Suir catchment trout will with care take a dry fly under any conditions. My nymph
And wet fly fishing has diminished over last years. And as I say none at all this year. I’m not sure I’ll ever use anything else in the future.
The only really tough time I find is from say 2 till 7 on these hot summer days.
So I visit neighbours then’and drink beer!
To make things difficult for myself today I kept changing flies to see could I stop catching them. But it made no difference.
Anything neutral and size 16 or smaller worked just fine.
Most years I travel overseas 6-10 for fishing trips to many parts of the world.
One benefit of Covid for me is that it has enforced me to fish, discover and rediscover our home magic Tipperary rivers.
I wouldn’t swop the Suir for any other river anywhere in the world.
We are SO LUCKY!

David Anchell

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