Ask when for season –
Season is April to December – with key times of June to October
Ask when for time of day –
A good time is during the change of light from dark to bright or bright to dark (dawn and dusk) – or go dark…..
Ask when for state of tide –
Spring tides often produce more fish than neap tides
Ask when within tidal run –
Some locations fish best at the beginning of the tidal phase other at the fall of tidal phases – always look for water movement and motion, its not always constant. Sometimes in places where it slows and stops can be magic too
Ask when during different phases of weather –
Bass are highly susceptible to all changes in and state of weather conditions, temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, wind strength, water temperature, long periods of settled weather….
Ask when do you change your fishing tactics, colour of fly, type of line-
Never stay doing the same thing in the same place (unless its a passing point !) – keep on the move, observing,learning, changing and adapting and most of all enjoying the freedom that flyfishing creates ..
Taken from Notes from the past on Here written on the fly some 10 years back you can 
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