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Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.

Isaac Newton

Considering the options on the best line for bass fishing?

With the current almost endless availability of options weights and technical designs it can become a difficult decision. I was recently working with a friend who is beginning to saltwater fly fish and inevitably the question came around to choosing the best line.  He wanted my advice on which line to purchase, he was buying the gear online that evening. Now I own a ‘few’ saltwater fly lines most of which are stored on their original spools – and at times I take them on and off and put them on and off my reels to fish with. This is both a good and bad thing, so when it came to deciding is there one line that I could say was the best for bass fishing in Wexford, I hesitated.

Knowing Wexford as I do and indeed much of the coast of the South and West and also bearing in mind that John was just beginning to saltwater fly fish I didn’t want to confuse him, which to be honest can easily be done. When you take into consideration the rod he had purchased the places he was going to fish the flies he had to fish with and the conditions (tidal,speed of water and weather) he was likely to meet at any of the places where he liked to catch bass, these were factors that of course influenced any recommendation. I was also keenly aware that I wanted him to ‘move forward’ in both his casting and fishing, some lines are good at one or the other, few are good at both.

Some recommendations are as follows

  1. Guideline Coastal
  2. Rio Coastal Quickshooter
  3. Rio In-touch Striper
  4. Airflo Gulf Red-Fish
  5. Airflo Sniper
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