Yesterday I worked with two great guys through an Intro to Lure Fishing for Bass Workshop. Its been more than three years since I’ve completed any work like this and during the day a lot of the memories I have of former years both of experiences and people came flooding right back. One of the best feelings I still have today, from and about these past workshops, is that I still get regular calls from great people whom were interested in learning about bass fishing on fly and lure, people who came to Wexford, and have now gone on to find their own fishing.

To find it and to become very successful at it. All the successful anglers have forged their own paths not led by marketing or industry fads or ‘accelerated’ learning – but by hard work on the ground over time. We share many notes and photos and thoughts that ramble…the true sport fishers recognise the leveling of fairness by minimising the technology that ultimately ‘flattens’ any bass angling experience.

Starting yesterday morning (rustily) I was confronted once again with the sudden sheer volume of information that can be transferred, the workshop needs to start somewhere and it must also come across in a logical progressive and interesting fashion. What struck me, as it always does, is that bass fishing is a huge subject. My absence from delivering workshops has only served to make me to realise through working today with Peter and Declan, that there is even more scope than I ever imagined, time away has given me a wider perspective – wider and clearer, and also more defined than ever.

The singular element of successful bass fishing, in my opinion, lies in presentation. I have always been strongly influenced by Gary Borger, his major work Presentation, has encouraged me to think on a multitude of levels in respect of how both the fish and anglers react in the environment where fish are to be found. ‘Presentation’ is all encompassing. I can’t tell people who attend workshops that this or that is what they must do, or buy, or where to go, or how to behave, there are still some fundamentals of course , but largely the responsibility lies with the new angler in accepting the challenge and realising the time and investment needed to meet and understand all the elements involved.

This doesn’t happen easily or quickly particularly if you go about it with ‘presentation’ in mind, but going about it with this singular consideration forces you to discover the truth, your own knowledge, your own sense of the fish and with time become a great bass angler.

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