Single wing flatwing tie

Joe Cordiero ties a Single-Wing Flatwing pattern that’s a perfect prey imitation. See him tie a multi feather version here. Fly Tying is not just a hobby for this man it is a passion. Joe Cordeiro has been tying flies for over 25 years. The past 10 years focusing on teaching, presenting at shows and marketing salt water flies. Joe has been fishing his entire life growing up near Cape Cod. Fly-fishing has been his main focus for many years His salt-water fly patterns have been tested in waters for their imitation to the bait they mimic. Many of his patterns are lifelike imitations. The materials used are natural and add to the authenticity of the product. Joe’s style and tying technique have caught the attention and admiration of many seasoned fly tiers and his passion for the art is evident.

You can also find his work at the link below

Techniques for Tying the “Flatwing” fly by Joe Cordeiro

For much more magical words and thoughts about bass fishing with the original creator of flatwing flies look here

I have always been fascinated by the moons and how they affect the seasons and migrations of animals
I have no cause and effect answers but even so I notice connections.
My dad told me when I was a little boy that when the lilacs bloom there are stripers around.
It is true and what does it mean? Simply this we can notice things in nature that give us clues to other
events that are happening at the same time.
It makes it into a ongoing adventure
and it never stops growing.
This full moon.
March 23 is the first full moon of spring.
Farmers plant and harvest according to the moons
not by calender dates,
this spring will have four full moons
the lst one of spring will be just before the summer solstice in June,
The first full moon of summer will occur on
July 19th I believe, almost a full calendar month after the first day of summer.
which means Summer will have three full moons and the last one just before the fall equinox.
a short summer moon wise indeed.
And the fish will begin to migrate on that moon.
And the parking lots will be full of folks saying this year spring came late or spring came early
and the same with fall.
What i love about the calendar is Labor day
which signals the fall migration of the folks back to the cities and gives me peace and quiet solitude.

JK Abrames March 23 2016




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