Its running towards the end of 2016 and to be honest this week has been a strange watershed for me, I’ve gotten past an invisible hurdle that probably didn’t exist except somewhere in the superstitious mind of a crazy bass fisherman. I was fishing along the south Wexford coast this time last year, the last days of October, and whilst I had some wonderful fish and experiences up to Halloween it was also during this time that I first became strangely ill.

Today nearly one year later I’m considerably better, after several long stays in hospital, lots of missed work, we are near a diagnosis that is imminently treatable. From a fishing perspective it has at times, actually a lot of the time, been very difficult or nearly impossible. Normal life for the past twelve months for my family and I has been very unpredictable but ‘ordinariness’ is returning at last.

For your encouragement, support, help, visits, photos and words of your fishing experiences too a big thank you. I still have mails and things to answer but will get there, thanks too for supporting the profile of bass fishing in the wider recreational interest from an Irish perspective. I have had lots of time to tweet etc..

A mild SW is blowing wind against a rising tide and waves are breaking white over the distant bar of 2017…i’ll see you out there next year!

Regards – Jim

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