The challenge

Days are valuable in people’s lives, days free from the routine and rigour of work are even more sought after especially when they are linked to something that we enjoy doing. The freedom. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I was forced to make a decision early last week with a view to cancelling our workshops. The impacts were wide across tutors, accommodation, restaurants, and of course people who had committed holidays.

Today I look back over the week and imagine what would have ensued because of circumstances. Stiff south easterly breezes, have blown all week moderate to fresh, combined with a drop in temperature. Two thirds of our workshops would have left questions in many people’s minds as both casting tuition would have been difficult and fishing nigh on impossible except in secondary locations – not an environment for learning an already difficult discipline.

The mystery of the negativity of easterly breezes that extend over time and the impact on bass fishing on the east coast left me in no doubt as the models began their predictions. Much time spent on the water had me in no mood for dredging flies in the hope of hitting a lonely lost fish in a very ‘off’ fishery, time better spent painting the dog! There’s too much positive learning at stake especially if you are in the early days and not wishing to be arrogant I know the coast too well here.

So thank you for your patience and kind words too – both Andy & Paula and Gary hold the customer experience priority. So it is with your positivity that we will combine again to provide you with the experiences the tuition the challenges and the fun that all make up what is bass fishing on the fly in saltwater Ireland.


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