The time is fast approaching for our Autumn workshops. Some recent questions regarding what ‘I might need’ are answered below. If you happen to have any of these or indeed similar items please bring them to your workshop as I know people are fond of using their own gear. I am also of the mind that if this is completely new to you DO NOT buy any gear at all until after the workshop. If you do not have or are missing some/all of the items listed below do not worry there will be plenty of spare saltwater outfits and material available for both casting fishing and tying. I’m afraid your fishing wear is entirely your own responsibility.

A comprehensive and tactical guide will be provided in relation to specific rods, lines, and reels, plus leaders and fly tying equipment during the workshops. 

Fishing wear

  • Waders
  • Jacket
  • Boots – felt and stud combo if possible
  • Hat
  • Thermal layering system
  • Polarised glasses – essential for safety.

Fly Fishing gear

  • Fly Rod – #7, #8 or #9 saltwater type if available
  • Suitable reel saltwater resistant
  • Intermediate matching saltwater line
  • Leader material fluoro and mono
  • Line tray
  • Flies – available at the workshop

Fly tying gear

  • Any suitable material
  • Vice and tools
  • Specific requirements
Bass fishing jim hendrick

Wexford coast

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