Bass fishing Jim Hendrick


The Vision XLA remains exceptional, the two I own are showing their age and they may pay a visit to William for a service before the season gets going. Maybe, just maybe after twelve years of owning these two I might put them away for a season and invest in a new Kela!

Before I try and remember all the places these reels have been with me and the fish we have caught, or the thousands of miles I covered on the Wexford coast in Vison wading boots waders and jackets I’d like to be a little more accurate because not everything I remember over the past few years can exactly be the ‘truth’ in telling. Time and, distance in time, plus a little fisherman’s embellishment makes a strange alchemy that can turn things into what they are not, however, I will say this; Vision fly fishing tackle is good, very good.

If you are of the mindset that your gear will remain invincible and impregnable whilst entering into the challenging environment of salt and sand and wind and rain and sharp rocks and briars and barbed wire and slipping on your arse and hooks and barnacles and shells like razors and the little piece of the rusting bar that used to form a rail on a quay a hundred years ago; you will be sadly mistaken!

Delicate layers of breathable material glued together are not really made for this place we occupy; we can only hope to get by on the gear we have, and when we get a leak or we slip and fall in either an 800-euro pair or a 200-euro pair a hole is a hole that often let’s water in, you can get them for free usually and they have no respect for branding.

Staying warm, dry, safe and comfortable can be accomplished with Vision gear at a reasonable price in reasonable circumstances, don’t expect more than what the materials are capable of considering where they are expected to perform.

bass fishing in Ireland Thirtyards

Marty Harrisson : ‘Jim is that you I can see down the coast there with two guys’

Jim Hendrick: ‘It’s my new jacket isn’t it Marty?’

Marty Harrisson: ‘I can see it shining from here, and I’m two fucking miles away, you can’t hide in that thing’

Ikon                       Great wader and with a bit of care two pairs per season guiding

Vision Havu        Tougher than most – New so I’m looking forward to trying these

Hopper                 Light strong great for long distance – felt and heel stud combo

Opas 3P                Bright colour but super jacket (as above)

Kura                       A long term friend

PhotoJulien La Journade  ~ editor in chief VoyagesdePeches bass fishing West of Ireland

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