The Double Hander on the coast

bass fishing Jim Hendrick

FREE WORKSHOP – If you are already familiar with single handed saltwater fly fishing techniques, then you are also fully aware of the considerable challenge it presents. Single handed #8’s and sometimes #9’s used with the double haul is the game we play. It can be physically and mentally demanding. As saltwater fly fishers we already know it’s a low percentage return when it comes to actually catching fish, if conditions deteriorate and wind picks up then the odds truly stack up against us.

The use of double handed rods is still somewhat ‘new’ in the coastal environment, although guys in the USA are predictably ahead of the game. Recently I have spent time fishing with two double handers, these are 11’0” Beulah surf rods – the #5/6 which I am loading with my Rio Outbound #8 and #9 SH lines and the other is the #7/8 which I am loading with some 350 grain shooting heads and the OB #9’s SH. It’s great that the SH hand lines transfer to these rods so easily.

Moving to a DH rod in the salt is as much about the different technique and casting effeciency as anything and the sense of adapting and learning your new fishing and casting challenge is a major part of the enjoyment. There are some improvements in catching too particularly where current is involved. Fly-fishing is never the most efficient method of catching fish the DH rod in the salt presents us with a new method that can allow us to cast and fish easier and for longer when repeated casting is required.

If you would like to learn a little about these rods and the fishing with double handers through a FREE short introductory workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact me

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