Sea trout fishing in Denmark

Do you have the guidebook?

Sea Trout Fyn, 25 years in the service of sea trout have written an essential buddy to accompany you along the coastline of Fyn, Ærø and Langeland.

Bass fishing Ireland

Sea trout fishing Denmark

Fyn and the isles offer kilometre upon kilometre of coast just made for sea trout and sea trout anglers. More than 1,100 kilometres of coastline awaits, and there is scarcely a single metre of it where, at some point, a sea trout cannot be caught. But where do you start? Which are the best spots for different seasons?

And what about the wind and the current? How do they affect various locations? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this guide book to 117 brilliant fishing spots around Fyn, Langeland and Ærø. Several of Fyn’s most experienced saltwater anglers have contributed to the book and share the benefit of their fishing experience. Here, there is plenty of inspiration for the seasoned trout angler and the novice alike, Good maps and accurate descriptions make it easy to find just the right fishing spot – depending on the season, fishing method and wind direction.

What’s in the book:

  • 117 coastal spots on Fyn, Langeland, Ærø and the numerous smaller sea trout islands.
  • Aerial photos of each spot bring a brand-new dimension to fishing.
  • Fifteen detailed maps at a scale of 1:100,000, with depth contour lines.
  • The best season and wind direction for each location.
  • Useful tips about tackle, strategy and how to fish all year round.
  • Useful knowledge about the sea trout.
  • Guide to sandbars, reefs, troughs and other coastal features.
  • Ten fascinating tales from some of the spots described in the book.


Thomas and his friends visited Ireland for a weeks bass fishing on the fly during 2010, you can see some of their experiences here As a writer Thomas is involved with the Danish sea trout Organisation Sea Trout Fyn. I was happy to receive a recent e-mail from Thomas requesting a little help in the translation and editing of some of the details contained in the book above.

Tangible Results

‘During the first 25 years, Sea Trout Fyn has undertaken almost 300 projects in the rivers and streams of Fyn. For example, more than 200 obstructions to upstream migrations have been removed, opening up 500 kilometres of rivers!

The 55,000+ overnight stays accounted for by sea trout anglers each year are vital to the local economy. It has been calculated that the municipalities’ annual DKK 4 million investment in Sea Trout Fyn produces an increase in turnover in excess of DKK 55 million each year, and the sea trout project has developed some 40 full-time jobs’

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