A companion on another journey

Thirtyards is a personal project. Its still largely a work in progress, a vehicle, a place, a companion. I anticipate it coming slowly into existence over the seasons of 2014 and 2015 and on-wards. Its basis is largely as an accompaniment to a plan for a book. A book based in the bass fishing that I have encountered on the coast of Ireland, both fly and lure. The Thirtyards layout  has just finished consolidating in my mind particularly over the past few weeks.  To be honest it is still evolving a little through the accompanying features that exist on this web template, some of which I am still coming to terms with.

Thirtyards is also a place where you can find the thoughts of many people on fishing including some of my own as I put them down for the book. It is too, a place, where you can find limited unique bespoke guided saltwater fly fishing adventures on the coast of Ir

Bass fishing

Out on the coast

eland. At the moment I feel a huge sense of anticipation, largely because I’m excited by what might lie ahead, and there’s a lot of time and work ahead, but also, I am challenged by ‘what content’ might want to find its way on here. I am taking my time.

Thirtyards is ultimately about a plan but its also about time and place rather than distance or numbers or how… at the moment an unmeasured bass fishing universe exists inside my mind.

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