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Probassfisher has served its purpose for me over the past seven years, its now slowly coming to an end in its current form. Looking back over those seven years and the content contained here I feel some of it is good and some of it not so good, but it is what it is at this time and I’m happy to leave it here.

I wont be posting to this site from here on and my guiding and workshop services have also changed completely, in fact so too have many aspects of both my working life and my bass fishing. If by chance you want to see what I am doing with my fishing I will be available on any of the social media platforms listed above.

My main interests now lie in working slowly on THIRTYARDS over the next few years whilst developing some aspects of social media to support my visual interpretation of the unique Irish coastline. This will happen as I personally fish and sometimes work on angling projects.

I will continue to guide for bass and seatrout fishing but only in a very limited fashion and mostly with fly fishing in mind. This decision has not been easy, but at this time there are simply too many reasons and aspects that currently exist in Irish bass fishing that make the change one that I am very happy to have made.

Thanks for stopping by here on the odd occasion and perhaps we’ll meet someday, who knows, it could be in the right place at the right time!

Regards – Jim

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