Being without finish

21st July – 30th August 2014 – Anne Hendrick, Wexford Arts Centre.

Anne Hendrick

At its loftiest the work in Anne Hendricks exhibition entitled Being Without Finish explores the absurdity of life and embodies the search for the poetic and collective meaning through ritual or exploration and ‘psychological essentialism’, which describes the belief that some objects are often defined by a so-called unique essence. This elusive ‘essence’ can only exist beyond our ability to perceive. This mysterious invisible matter can infuse objects with their own extraordinary life-force.

In this body of work, the moon acts as omnipresent muse, metaphor, recurring motif and cipher with various ideologies projected onto it.

Anne Hendrick has a BA in Fine Art Painting and History of Art from NCAD where she graduated in 2006. Since graduating Anne has exhibited in many various group shows in galleries such as the Brick Lane London, the Ashford, Talbot, Monstertruck TBG&S and the RHA. 2007 saw her first solo outings with the TalbAnne Hendrickot Gallery ‘Whitescapes and Other Stories’ in May, and ‘A Seamless Fiction’ in Stone Gallery in June. Her next solo shows were in Monstertruck Gallery in September 2009 as part of a four week season of painting ‘The Thing That Wouldn’t Die’ and then in the Talbot Gallery in October 2009 ‘The Surface of Events’.

She is a co-founder of the artist collective ‘Scissors Cuts Paper’ who recently completed a residency in the ‘Guest House’ Cork, concluding with a group show entitled ‘Quelle Horreur’.  In 2011 she co-founded the artist-as-curator venture ‘White Wolf Projects’ with Ciara O’Hara.

Last November she exhibited with the Talbot Gallery at the Art Fair ‘VUE’ in the RHA as well as Roscommon Arts Centre with Peter Burns and Mary Noonan in an exhibition entitled ‘Fables.

Anne has exhibited in the UK, Iceland and Barcelona. Her work can be found / is part of the collections at Wesley college, Dublin, The office of public works, and the Talbot Gallery.

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