Issue 48

This is Fly Magazine

Read engaging stories from Dave Karczynski, Brian Irwin, Shauna Sherard of Trout Unlimited, Cameron McDonald, Will Rice, Dr. Aaron Adam, and Hilary Hutcheson.  Enjoy the stunning photography offerings from Dave Karczynski, Adrienne Comeau, Cameron McDonald, Nick Shirghio, and Freddy Terranova. This is Fly continues to embraces diversity with a collection of stories that will take readers around the world chasing steelhead, bonefish, permit, and of course trout!

“Among narrow springs creeks made narrower by imperialist shelf ice, fish for days on snowshoes in biting wind. Catch nothing. Suffer much. Wander through patch of thorny briars and perforate waders, which you fix by no longer walking in the water. Day in, day out, suffer. Then, on fourth day, behold wind die down. Behold snouts of trout, first snouts of season, breaking film for midges—midges sluicing down through high caverns of snow. Catch first fish in 3.5 months. Then second, third. Then fiftieth, fifty-second, fifty-third. Have best midge fishing of life, here, in Arctic Wasteland Without End. On 7x and size 22 hooks and fingers fat as sausage. Take one picture of glory before conceding moment unphotographable. Moment was not the moment because of the moment. Moment was the moment because of the two days, the three weeks, the four months of suffering leading up to it. Share quiet, private triumph.”

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