Saltwater Fly Fishing Primer

Its with a little excitement, apprehension and all the things associated with doing something new that I feel when I look forward to next week. On April 28th we will gather at Bella Vista Hotel in Cobh Co.Cork with eight people to partake in a three-day saltwater fly fishing primer, with an emphasis placed on Irish bass fishing

The workshops are broken over the three days to allow each participant unique and integrated access to

  1. Fly tying techniques
  2. Fly casting techniques
  3. Fly fishing techniques

Glenda Powell, world renown fly casting instructor and fisher will administer the casting techniques workshops.

Brian Healy, fly tier and fisher both salt and freshwater will administer the fly tying workshops.

I myself will guide along the East Cork coast for bass and seatrout if conditions are suitable!

Alan, one of our group has just recently returned from Denmark where he fished successfully for seatrout, John from London regularly fishes the backcountry for reds, snook and Tarpon, and in fact when you look down through each person all of us have wide ranging experiences both from around the world and from within Ireland. I am hoping that this ‘distillation’ will help us no end over the three days.

Its not often that such an opportunity exists and I hope the genuine combined skills and experiences of the Glenda, Brian and myself that we hope to bring you a unique Irish saltwater fly fishing experience leaving you more rounded in the many aspects involved in this fantastic sport.



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