The 3-Day Workshop–Saltwater Fly Primer

Eight places of nine now filled – one remains open at this time.

Jim Hendrick


Fly fishing for bass or seatrout at sea is a specialised and challenging aspect of sea angling that can elevate your fishing experiences to a completely different level.

Any interested newcomers can of course learn the basics of fly fishing by reading about rods, reels, lines, leaders, knots, casting and fly tying on their own. But a much more efficient and enjoyable way to get started is to enrol in a fly fishing course and or take a fly casting lesson.

The 3-Day Saltwater Primer was designed in order to

  • Help the beginner to avoid many of the frustrating pit-falls that you can encounter
  • To help reduce the considerable learning curve in the disciplines of casting, tying and fishing at sea with the fly.
  • To share the experiences with other saltwater fly fishers

It was also created to ensure that experienced saltwater anglers would

  • Benefit from world class fly fishing instruction through Glenda’s workshops
  • Improve their tying skills and techniques by working with Brian
  • Have an option to develop those skills on the water with Jim

Because one of the most wonderful things about saltwater fly fishing is that there is always something new to learn none of us are going to loose over the three days – and to be honest we could all do with more time on the water!

All the fly fishing, tying and casting workshops have a low student to instructor ratio (3:1) and are facilitated by

Glenda Powell – Casting Instruction

Brian Healy – Fly tying

Jim Hendrick – Saltwater guiding / Fishing

The aim and objectives in all of the  instructional workshops is to teach you the skills necessary to be successful at saltwater fly fishing on your own for bass and seatrout. To help and improve any aspects of your fishing you may have trouble with, in fact its worth considering that all of us can benefit from the workshops!

We never lose sight of the fact that fishing is a form of relaxation, not a matter of distance, numbers or size of fish. So, the over-riding theme is for all fishers to relax, enjoy the days and have a lot of fun.

See you there in April 2014.

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