Inspired to a new EPIC level

Tim Harrisson and his Dad Colin were some of my customers during year two of my guiding service, eight years ago now – Colin’s words below, received by a letter he sent a few weeks after his visit, still mean a lot to me. It was one of those magic moments. If I can achieve this on a day by day basis then I know I am doing my job properly.

“……you thought us where the fish might lie, and how to cast to the right position and use the waves and tide to take the lure into the right place. The result of all that was that we were able to hook and land some unforgettable fish and those memories will last forever”

Colin Harisson pictured right – 2005 Then aged 69.


Tim Harrisson was duely inspired enough by what he saw and experienced in Wexford to go on later and establish his own very successful bass guiding business in Wales –

Now Tim has raised the bar even further yet again, he sent me this link to his new site completely out of the blue last evening, with some very generous and complimentary words included in this post Battered Bruised and Blind

“….When surface lure fishing for bass was known to a very few people (only around 8 years ago did the dawn break on us Brits) there was precious little choice available on the UK market. It was Jim Hendrick the original, now much copied and still the best Irish bass guide (find him here That taught me the marvel, the wonder and the addiction of the LC Sammy”. Tim Harrisson – 2014

Good luck with the new adventure Tim always great to hear from you.

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