Leave no trace, a place in saltwater guiding?

Leave no trace


bass fishing ireland

I have spent a long time learning how to catch fish, I have also invested time in trying to return them as effectively as possible, at times I know this is not always the case but its a part of the daily process of guiding to try to ensure good fish ‘returns’.

Currently I’m looking even further at how I might improve other aspects and impacts the business may be having in the coastal environment. I am trying to learn how best to minimise these impacts and indeed pass that knowledge on to other anglers who may be interested.

In a world subjected to ever increasing recreational pressure every little bit of work helps. I have always felt that no matter what else may be happening and who may be responsible I believe its important to try to do something better, to be seen to be trying, to have the ability to say this is what I am doing to help things – Visit Leave No Trace Ireland

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