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Bass fishing Ireland

Bass fishing Ireland

Bass fishing wexfordAn early morning start today to catch the change of light, resulted in this nice fish on the fly.

Drifting the fly through the current onto a known lie resulted in a gentle yet powerful take that left me in no doubt I was into something special.

I fished the mini chartreuse and white flatwing on  Rio Outbound short F/I with a five foot poly leader and 10 inches of Rio Flouroflex plus carbon.

Casting ‘upstream’ and mending when possible it was the first time I had fished for some time due to a lot of guiding days – thanks Alan for the opportunity and the rare photos too.

The fish measured 72 cms.


Landing Gear

Rod – Lefty Kreh Ticrx #8

Reel – Vision Nite

Line – Rio Outbound short # 7

Leader – Five foot poly and Rio fluoroflex plus

Fly – Mini flatwing

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