Then and now – From Irish Angler 2009

Bass fishing wexford

Four years ago I wrote these 12 articles from an idea by David Dinsmore editor of Irish Angler – what words would I use now if I had to re-write them I wonder? Some I wouldn’t change at all…

‘…..The portrayal of the fishing and the fishing environment must reflect the ‘performance risk’ accurately and fairly to visiting anglers. We all know yes, that at different times bass can be caught with different methods. All anglers have their preferences and the more sporting the method employed the more the weather can impact negatively upon that method.

It will force you into circumstances where you need to ‘angle’ much more creatively and efficiently. By combining the environmental impact and the challenges that the weather creates for lure and especially fly fishing, this fusion of influences must somehow manage to enhance the experience. In other words, it’s not always easy to come to Wexford to catch bass at the drop of a hat. It can take time and effort, patience and depending on circumstances this could be days, weeks or even years. When it’s difficult it’s the smaller decisions, the glimpses of fish in a wave, the perfect cast into a gale, the surface strike in pouring rain –moments of genuine satisfaction that make bass fishing what it is.’

The Diaries

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