Thoughts on the close of business – the anticipation!

The many things I think about when I know the fishing for bass is closed, probably too many! The bass guiding business and its operation is limited and I have always accepted those limits, plugged those constraints into the business model so to speak.

I fully realise its difficult times in Ireland at the moment and there’s a tendency to want to rush to improve the economics of the situation. So considering opening the current bass angling restriction on the basis of commercial interest alone is not, in my opinion a good idea.

T1-DSC_6238his week I have had requests for 12 days of guided fishing from International visitors during May and early June. These people were not aware of the closed season and were of course interested in the reasons as to why Ireland had one? All of them considered a closed season during ‘optimal’ spawning time a good thing, we had lots of interesting discussions regarding timings, C+R, extended periods, angling impact.

The limits of the fishery allow it to be what it is. This is what you have to work with. The truth. After ten years of experiences under these challenges you grow to accept the patterns of nature, the highs and lows of the fishing, twiddling your bass thumbs during the closed period, the delight, the excitement, the anticipation, the tough drudgery, the evolving changes, the beginning and the end of the week, the season! A bass fishing guides life.


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