Relationships in bass fishing – there are many!

‘It is natural for people to want to simplify their understanding of fly fishing the striper surf and the behaviour of striped bass. Everyone wants an Bass fishing in Wexforduncomplicated formula to apply that will lead to the rich rewards that have made all surfcasting famous. Were it that simple, of course, we would all grasp what conditions were magic and, as a result, no stripers would remain. In fact, it is complicated because the list of conditions that dictate bass movement and behaviour is as long as your arm. Moreover, to keep this formula from being too easy, the conditions, and how they relate to and influence one another, change everything.

For instance, it is not enough to know that an onshore wind contributes to the fishing. If it is February the bass are a thousand miles away in warmer water, which serves to illustrate the relationship between wind and temperature.’

Frank Daignault – Fly fishing the striper surf 2004

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