From Spring minnows to Autumn giants

To see some of the exciting range of bass flies that I have available, from early season mini flatwings to giant autumn/winter hollow fleyes then why not pay a visit to my stand at this weekend. All flies are hand tied in Ireland by Brian Healey.

Easy to cast, durable, and ‘fishy’, bass and seatrout like them too.

If your considering a venture into Saltwater fly then you’ll find a range of ECHO saltwater rods on the stand to suit all interested anglers. A small range of accessories for the Irish saltwater fisher, leaders, lines, line trays, reels, will also be on display.

A show special is available – When purchasing an outfit at the show (rod reel line) a complimentary five hour workshop Intro to Saltwater Fly Fishing is available for this weekend only!

Also on my stand will be a collection of Lucky Craft, SMITH, and Illex hard and soft lures suitable for both bass and seatrout fishing – tried and tested favourites of mine!

Of course workshops and guiding will also be available in both disciplines of Fly or Lure.

I’ll be at my stand on both days Saturday and Sunday and if you have any questions or want a quick chat regarding your bass fishing then I will be more than happy to try and help

Jim Hendrick

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