I could never have known then what was going to happen. It was the start of it I guess, the Summer and Autumn of 2003. Three days in a car with Terry Thomas and Clive Gammon, bass fishing and driving around the southern coasts of Wexford, trying to capture the essence of something. For me it was listening to the stories of Wexford, the angling past remembered by Clive.

I remember standing at the coombe, at the race, casting half mackerel twenty yards into the cauldron, holding our bass rods into a late October evening. He said he had seen something similar somewhere in the US, where I cant remember, I felt very naive, very young.

We fished with John Devereaux on board Celtic Lady – free lining live sandeel over a reef, he smiled and held a fish and told me he had felt the sandeel panic as the bass approached to eat!


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