Snipers and stripers and half chickens?

Just received the first shipment of ECHO3, ECHO Edge, and the ECHO3 Switch rods, I’ve also taken some of Airflo’s new Sniper lines as these lines are also distributed by Rajeff sports. The Sniper line is based on a shorter version of the Airflo40+ line with its easy casting condensed head and thick tip diameter.

From Rajeff sports – The Sniper has a Dual Head Design which allows the line to perform as well for lesser casters as it does for advanced caster. Lesser casters can cast the line with only the front 15 feet of the line out the rod tip while the expert will aerialise the entire head to achieve maximum distance.

I do use Rio Outbound Coldwaters both normal and short heads when I need to cast far with biggish flies, and I’m very interested to see the similarities and differences between the two lines particularly in relation to grain weight and #’s and also in relation to the DC and low stretch of the lines too.

Looking forward to putting them up on both the ECHO3 and the TFO Ticrx this week, considering these are nearly 6’-0” shorter in the head than a traditional say outbound head (330 gr) it makes them close to the outbound shorts (315 gr) at #8.

Consider that Rio General coldwater saltwater fly line with a 39’-0” head weighs in at 285 gr for #8 – considerably lighter and longer in the head, a different kettle of fish altogether and a different presentation too!

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