Angling in Denmark

The Angler’s Seven Commandments In Denmark.

Onshore angling is a “basic civil right” – as long as you have the statutory fishing licence. (see add on page 15). It is still important for anglers to follow a few simple regulations and pieces of good advice.

1. Take care of the countryside. Do not walk on cropimages and stick to lanes and paths. Don’t leave any litter behind – and be considerate towards all other people using beaches.

2. The beach belongs to everybody. No one – not even clubs or large companies – can therefore expect to have the beach to themselves. No part of the beach may be cordoned off.

3. Limit the number of rods you use. Spreading out rods over large expanses of beach stops other people from angling.

4. Park with care. Use parking areas as far as possible from the fishing. Avoid blocking narrow roads used by local traffic and agricultural machinery. Only use public rights of way.

5. Always use authorised ramps when launching boats. This makes for easy launching and less wear and tear on the coastline.

6. All overnight stays must take place in accommodation or on campsites. Using tents, caravans or mobile homes for overnight stays is forbidden on or near beaches, or in parking areas.

7. Keep a reasonable distance from other anglers.

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