I’m just waiting for Holger, Holger II and Markus to arrive, hopefully in the next few moments – we are working on a small project this week to try and put something together for the publishing house of Rute & Rolle and Fisch & Fliege – bass fishing on the fly in Wexford.

We all know at this stage its going to be very difficult, but working with people like Holger ( both I and II !) and Markus means that whilst I’m cognisant of the ‘pressure’, I know they have the maturity and vast experience to realise what fishing is really about. They are completely aware of the difficult situation regarding bass fishing from the shore at this time in Wexford.

1-DSC_5066I have been very lucky in choosing the angling journalists and photographers whom I have worked with down through the years. Journalists whom I know have come here, done a great job, written about the fishing, my guiding services and the Wexford environment in a fair and balanced manner and then moved to their next project in another part of the world. There has never been any expectation on their behalf.

Their articles which appear in many different magazines from different countries are referred to again and again by customers – Voyages de Peches, Peches en Mer, Fliegenfischen, De Roofvis, the Irish Times, many others too. Editorial is beyond doubt a customer winning strategy provided the same ‘microscope’ is not pointed by the same person at the same sample again and again.

Lucky? Maybe. But I do know this, the people whom have written about Wexford’s bass fishing through the services of SEAi are genuine people and have solid best sustainable angling, local attractions, services and interests at heart.

I guess that’s a lot of the reason for my choices.

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