I left it for twenty-four hours and then e-mailed John. John lives in Sussex and arrives in Wexford on Saturday to fish for bass on the fly for four days. The mail of course informed him of the forecasted weather conditions for his visit, difficult to say the least!

At this time its still only a forecast…….

Giving John the option to cancel and in fact many other people too, is something that I’ve had to get used to over the past few weeks. This is not easy and its very very disappointing for customers who have made commitments and look forward to their days fishing. From a small business point of view its damned bloody difficult.

Getting people from both around the world and from within Ireland to come to Wexford to experience regular quality guided fishing is an exercise in itself, a task that needs constant attention, work and management.

It just doesn’t happen spontaneously!

When customers do arrive the automatic aspects of the job kick into place, guiding, gear, transport, food, location timings…this is what a guide does, no problem!

By default in the middle of June July August or September in Ireland, one should expect ‘reasonable’ weather when the fishery will operate normally to a large extent. In other words with all the other aspects of the job falling into place after months and years of hard work only to be thwarted at the last furlong by something beyond your control is indeed tough.

Other guides worth their mettle and working in Ireland will surely recognise and appreciate this. Realising there’s already enough to deal with at this time, they will already know the reality the extent and the scale of the difficulty of what’s involved!

At this time it doesn’t need to be made even more difficult by anybody playing silly games who doesn’t understand or appreciate that, and I’m not talking about customers here.

So I made a decision this morning, a necessary and now regular one – but John made a braver one, he called me, he’s coming to weather the storm!

Fingers crossed.

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