The benefits of angling – One 3 year research project

Angling tourism can be developed through: provision and presentation of information using state of the art technology; increased public access to angling; development of a broader outdoor tourism portfolio; the clustering of businesses and co-operative competition; and community land ownership

Angling tourism needs to be developed sustainably, maintaining a balance between ‘development’ and environmental and social management factors.

From fishing for Answers the final report.

Fishing for Answers summarises the key findings from three years of research on the benefits angling delivers for people and their communities. It focuses on angling’s contribution to six key areas: sports participation; health and well-being; the natural environment; community development; tourism and rural communities; and young people.

Final Report of the Social and Community Benefits of Angling Project

Section 5: Angling tourism and Rural Areas

The entire Document can be found here to download

We asked anglers in our Assynt Anglers Survey in 2010 to identify the most important things about angling in Assynt. The results are presented in the bar chart below. Although the catch-related aspects of the angling experience – most notably the quality of fish stocks – perhaps inevitably received a large number of 1st place rankings, the remoteness, fishing mountain lochs, being able to fish without seeing others and the scenery in which people go fishing scored highest overall. These results suggest that anglers who visit Assynt value the social isolation and the quality of the landscape at least as much as they do the actual fishing.

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