Messing about

There’s something pleasant about being out on the water DSC_0141and when that opportunity is combined with fishing then its a real pleasure. The small boat has added another dimension to the angling for me and I’m happy to spend time simply exploring and mapping whilst I can.
Adding the boat does create launch and recovery time but then there’s the added dynamic of been able to go where and when I like. Combined with a picnic of homemade food a Kelly kettle a little sunshine and the sound of skylarks what more is needed for a complete day.
Fly casting for bass  on a southern facing shoreline is always going to present problems to all but the most accomplished of casters. Orienting ourselves with the wind at our backs is now on option to take some of the difficulty out of the fishing from time to time.
So I look forward to a little more manoeuvrability and different options for my customers and their fishing during the summer and into the autumn. I’m reminded that I don’t ever have to go far to catch fish.
For an early season estuary foray please mail me at or call at 086 3444557
Bendy rods for 2012 – Jim

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